You need to know before asking a visit:

Ask your visit as soon as possible: More you manifest earlier we are able to find you the greeter that suits you best. (Maximum 48 hours earlier). Visit can’t include more 6 persons (adult and child overwhelmed): In not case, the greeter doesn’t substitute at a guide. It’s here to discover his passion for individual. Visit during around 2 hours, the time is modular according to the requirements on both sides. If you have specifics needs (linguistic preference) or particular desire, thank let us keep it informed, that help us to choose your greeter. Visit is only in the Valley of Munster.
I’m interested in architecture
I’m interested by automobile
I’m interested by the culture
I’m interested by the geocaching
Other (Please specify in your message and we will do our best to satisfy your request.)
Visits are organized according to the availability of the volunteer greeter. The fact of ask a visit doesn’t guarantee this realization. The greeters are enthusiastic and dynamic volunteer and not professionals guides. Visit is confirmed by e- mail. In the e-mail you will find all contacts details of the greeter.
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