Anne Thiebold - EN

From her mountain abode, overlooking Munster, Anne Thiebold has a VIP pass to savor the calm and majesty of the mountain forest. Here, her three “Parson-Russells,” Dakah, Fargo, and Fiesta, are free to reign.

Anne ThieboldThe proverb, “animal lover, people lover,” applies perfectly to Anne, owner of the Wasen restaurant in Munster. She is already excited to be able to welcome future visitors and to help them discover her valley.
She spends one or two hours every day getting fresh air, accompanied by her three energetic, but obedient, companions. Her love of animals, and her pets’ regular participation in dog shows, has translated into a tremendous expertise in all things canine.
As well as sharing her passion, as a Greeter, Anne’s knowledge of the forest roads, trails, and mountain sites of the valley make her a perfect guide to wherever the visitor wishes to go, depending on her availability, of course.

Languages: French – German