Pierre Dischinger - EN

Is your wish to discover the town of Munster, down to its tiniest detail? If so, Pierre Dischinger is your man. He has held public office since 1998 (member of the city council) and is the mayor since 2008. We could qualify him as a “Gentle force,” after the political slogan, as his serenity tends to have a calming effect on people.

Pierre DischingerMaster butcher, his shop is just a few meters from the town hall. Even with his trade and his function as mayor, he still finds time for relaxation and culture. He could also be labeled as environment friendly; for example, he has succeeded in eliminating the town gardeners’ use of herbicides and pesticides.
He’s more the type, while on vacation, to strap on a backpack and venture into the wilderness along with his wife, Heidi. He knows Munster like the back of his hand and could explain to anyone interested how he and his team are working to make the town the jewel of the valley. “There’s still work,” he says with a smile.
For the curious, he even offers full visits of the town hall, from the depths of the cellar, all the way to the attic.

Languages: French – German