Gabrielle Haumesser - EN

Munsterienne at heart, Gabrielle expatriated herself to Australia many years ago. She’s a journalist at Paddington, near Sydney, for East-Radio.

Gabrielle HaumesserFor quite some time now, she’s attempted to promote the Alsatian region. Unfortunately, the name Munster evokes many places, but rarely that of Munster in Alsace, which is little known in the English speaking world. Gabrielle relishes her opportunities to return to Munster every six months, alternating with her sister, Yolande.
She loves to help tourists discover, other than the intrinsic charm of the valley, the gastronomy, museums, and arts, all present in the region. Tourists generally interact with the service industry (hotels, restaurants…), but rarely come in to contact with the “real” population of the region. This is why she appreciates the initiative of the Tourist Office of Munster in becoming part of the Greeter network, to which she enthusiastically adheres!

Languages: French – German – English