Michel Miclo - EN

Pride shines from the eyes of 66 year-old Michel Miclo, the Schnepfenried ski station manager, as he opens the doors to the “holy of holies” of the ski station: the groomer, snowmobile, and machine garage.

Michel MicloLoquacious, he is the guardian of this temple. It was through his courage, goodwill, and obstinacy that he succeeded in giving a renewed liveliness to the “Schnepf;” where the climate’s infidelity has been problematic in the years previous. With aide from the Departement and the mixed Syndicate of ski stations in the valley, massive investments in snow cannons and modern materiel assure success in future winter seasons, no matter the weather.
Michel’s farming origins has endowed him with immense knowledge of the natural environment of the Vosges Mountains.
Trucker and busdriver en suite, he was able to combine these experiences with the 13 slopes and 5 lifts, which are, today, frequented by an enviable amount of visitors. He manages the station with his wife, Esther, and his daughter, Sandrine. If they are only three during the summer, during the winter over 30 people work at the station. Enough talk! Come meet him in person and he’ll be more than happy to share his station and his passion.

Languages: French – German