Nicolas Guhring - EN

One could classify Nicolas Guhring as an automobile enthusiast. This is especially true when it comes anything Bugatti. Automobiles are not, however this Munster native’s only interests.

Nicolas GuhringFollow Nicolas through the battlefields of the Linge, the Schratzmaennele, and the Sattelkopff of WWI to discover the still prominent traces of fighting, of almost a century ago, that the valley and surrounding mountains still carry. For those interested in the life and story of Doctor Schweitzer, Nicolas has two years experience as a guide and archivist at the house of Dr. Schweitzer at Gunsbach.
He also has profound knowledge of the agricultural world, especially when it comes to the “Marcaire,” the traditional farmer who migrates up to the higher altitude spring grazing pastures with his livestock and passes his summer at the “Ferme-Auberge,” only to descend again in the winter.
You could also approach Nicolas Guhring to learn about the history of the Hartmann family and the textile industry in the valley.

Languages: French – German