Denis Monhardt - EN

As a history teacher at Munster’s Kirschleger High School since 1974, Denis Monhardt takes as many of his students as possible on school field trips all across Europe each year. In 1975, he became caretaker of the “Mulheim” organ of Munster’s protestant church.

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Jeannette Schickel - EN

Jeannette Schickel’s smile is rather contagious. Small of stature, she often helped out her parents at their “ferme-auberge,” at Eschbach-au-Val while growing up. Welcoming is her second nature.

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Gabrielle Haumesser - EN

Munsterienne at heart, Gabrielle expatriated herself to Australia many years ago. She’s a journalist at Paddington, near Sydney, for East-Radio.

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Albert Heinrich - EN

Through his long career as a gendarme, Albert Heinrich has served in a variety of places, from New Caledonia and French Polynesia to finishing up as the commander of the brigade at Munster. Now retired, he finally has time to get back to his roots.

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Anne Thiebold - EN

From her mountain abode, overlooking Munster, Anne Thiebold has a VIP pass to savor the calm and majesty of the mountain forest. Here, her three “Parson-Russells,” Dakah, Fargo, and Fiesta, are free to reign.

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Michel Miclo - EN

Pride shines from the eyes of 66 year-old Michel Miclo, the Schnepfenried ski station manager, as he opens the doors to the “holy of holies” of the ski station: the groomer, snowmobile, and machine garage.

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Pierre Meyer - EN

Pierre Meyer has succeeded his father as the director of the “Route Verte” campsite at the village of Wihr-au-Val, which is located just a few kilometers from Munster.

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Pierre Dischinger - EN

Is your wish to discover the town of Munster, down to its tiniest detail? If so, Pierre Dischinger is your man. He has held public office since 1998 (member of the city council) and is the mayor since 2008. We could qualify him as a “Gentle force,” after the political slogan, as his serenity tends to have a calming effect on people.

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Antoine Boithiot - EN

Antoine Boithiot has been a technician at the “Direction Départementale de l’Agriculture,” dam surveyor and guard, mayor of Mittlach (2 terms as deputy mayor and 3 terms as mayor), president of the Valley of Munster SIVOM (1986-1995), and county councilman (1992-2004).

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Nicolas Guhring - EN

One could classify Nicolas Guhring as an automobile enthusiast. This is especially true when it comes anything Bugatti. Automobiles are not, however this Munster native’s only interests.

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