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Greeters around the world

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In 1992, Lynn Brooks, in love of her city, New York, founded the program "Big Apple Greeters" (to greet, welcoming people).
A unique concept, based on encounters with people eager to share their love and passion for their territory. What better way to discover a country than through a passionate look.

Today, Greeters organizations have settled around the world, a total of 48 programs that share the same ethical friendly, free and sense of hospitality, located in 14 countries on 3 continents.

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The concept

The concept is very simple, "greeters" are directly related to tourists. These greeters have to make discover their city and their territory in a completely authentic and unusual way, through walks and other activities organized and conducted by the greeters. The meetings are organized for individuals or small groups in order to promote sharing. The service is completely free. Note that our greeters are not professional guides.

What is Greeter

A greeter is a resident volunteer who loves his city and its territory and wants to show it to visitors. Not in the conventional manner but more of a guide as we present to a friend. The greeters will introduce places that mean something to them.
The greeters are open to people of different cultures, of all ages and from all backgrounds, often passionate of every aspects of local life.

Charter of the greeters of the Valley of Munster